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General Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to all orders made through our online shop TROPICANA.SHOP


2.1.Display products in the online store represents a binding offer on our part to enter into an agreement with respect to the elements. You can place our products in your basket without obligation and change your records at any time before submitting a mandatory order using the correct facilities provided for this purpose and explained during the order process.

2.2. The contract is formed by clicking on the order button that indicates that you accept your offer for the goods contained in your basket. Once you send your order, you will receive an email confirmation immediately.

2.3. TROPICANA.SHOP provides paid goods from distance electronically with the consent from of the client. TROPICANA.SHOP align it’s sales with the Bulgarian legislation and legislation of the countries that the sales are done. With the click of the button “Order” , the customers are agreeing to buy the chosen goods  which are listed under a “virtual “ shopping cart. This act has legally binding force for the client. With the click on button “Pay” , the site asks for customer consent with our General Terms and Conditions before payment. The customer will receive a written confirmation of his order by ТROPICANA.SHOP,  containing an individualization of the order.

With these General Terms and Conditions, the User is informed that the contract of sale will be concluded through the TROPICANA.SHOP web site and will not receive a paper copy of it.

The invoice is sent to your e-mail address when the order is dispatched.

2.4. ТROPICANA.SHOP reserves the right to refuse to deliver a confirmed order in case the goods are unavailable or insufficiently available or will not be available within the required delivery time. Upon a confirmed request, the User pays a sale price in accordance with the terms and conditions of these General Terms and Conditions and any amendments thereto which are duly made public on ТROPICANA.SHOP.


Available languages for signing the contract are English and German.
We send your order details and invoice to you by email. You can view and download the General Terms and Conditions from this page at any time. You can view your previous orders through our login area.


Delivery conditions

- Delivery costs declared in Shipping&terms of payment are added to product prices.

We only dispatch goods en route; pick up by the customer is not possible.

Damage during delivery

- ТROPICANA.SHOP  - is released from the risk on the goods, with the delivery of the goods to the customer or to a courier, from which moment the risk is transferred to the customer.
- ТROPICANA.SHOP is not responsible for delay in case the delay is due to the courier company.

- In the case of incorrect or wrong address, contact person and / or telephone when submitting the request The supplier is not bound by any obligation to fulfill the order.

- When the goods are handed over, the user / customer or a third party signs the accompanying documents. A third person is considered to be any person who is not the owner of the application but accepts the goods of delivery and is at the address indicated by the client, in which case the goods are deemed to have been delivered to an authorized person.


The following payment methods are basically available in our online shop:

Credit/ Debit Card
We accept:


Master card

American Express

Diners club


You will be forwarded to PayPal’s online website. You may enter your payment details there and confirm the use of your data by PayPal and the payment instructions to PayPal.

If you have selected the PayPal payment type, in order to pay the invoice amount, you must be registered there or register first and identify yourself with your access data. The payment transaction will be carried out automatically by PayPal directly after confirmation of the payment instructions. You will receive additional information during the ordering process.


5.1 When making the delivery, the goods should be promptly reviewed by the user / customer or a person authorized by him / her. Possible complaints regarding the goods given the nature of the products delivered, should be reported immediately by the customer of ТROPICANA.SHOP  but no later than 3 days from the date of delivery to: The claim should be accepted by the Provider as reasonable to be satisfied. When submitting a claim the customer must apply the invoice for the payment of the products.

5.2. Accepted claims are met by replacing the product with another or by refunding the purchase price. As regards the goods, the declarations and guarantees provided by the manufacturer concerned shall apply.

5.3. The Customer should send the Goods back to:

Germany, 65510 Idstein, Usinger Weg 8. The costs of return shall be covered by the Customer.

The Customer undertakes to store the goods received, their quality and safety during the term specified in the previous sentence.

5.4. Complaints are not accepted and are not met in the event of damage to the integrity of the goods, misuse or exploitation, failure to comply with the recommendations for use and storage given by ТROPICANA.SHOP.

5.5. If the goods are delivered with obvious damage caused during transportation, please contact the courier company.

ТROPICANA.SHOP is not responsible for orders not claimed more than 3 months.


6.1. The consumer can return the purchased products without cause for return within 14 days from the date of purchase under the following conditions:

- The products are in their original packaging and the packaging is not open.
- The products should have no traces of use, no damage to the product, no smudging on the packaging.
- The goods should be accompanied by the original invoice with which the products were obtained.
- The cost of returning the products is at the consumer's expense.

6.2. The Provider may replace products with others or refund if the user does not want a replacement. The Provider refunds the value of the products without the delivery cost. The amount is reimbursed by bank transfer within 14 days from the date on which the consumer refused the order. Amounts are refunded to the same account (card) from which the payment was made.

Return address for products:
Germany, 65510 Idstein, Usinger Weg 8


7.1. We have a legal obligation to offer products that comply with this agreement. Legal guarantee rights regulated by the law of the country where the consumer has his habitual residence are established.

7.2. The customer undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the provider of ТROPICANA.SHOP and the Provider in the case of legal claims and other claims of third parties (whether they are reasonable or not), for all damages and costs (including attorneys' fees and court fees), arising out of or in connection with (1) failure to perform any of the obligations under this Agreement, (2) breach of copyright, production rights, broadcasting rights or other intellectual or industrial property rights, (3) improper transfer to other persons of the rights granted to the User for the duration and under the terms of the contract; and (4) false declaration of the existence or absence of a quality consumer within the meaning of the current legislation. 

7.3. The Provider shall not be liable in case of force majeure, incidental events, Internet problems, technical or other objective reasons, including orders from the competent state authorities.

7.4. The Provider shall not be liable for damages caused by the User to third parties.

7.5. The Provider shall not be liable for any material or non-pecuniary damage resulting from lost profits or damages caused to the customer in the course of the use or non-use of ТROPICANA.SHOP and the conclusion of purchase contracts with the Provider.

7.6. The Provider is not responsible for the time the platform was unavailable for force majeure.

7.7. The Provider is not responsible for damages from comments, opinions and publications under the products, news and articles on the ТROPICANA.SHOP platform.

7.8. The Provider is not responsible if the technical equipment security measures are overcome, resulting in loss of information, dissemination of information, access to information, restriction of access to information and other similar consequences.

7.9. The Provider shall not be liable in the event of the conclusion of a purchase contract, the provision of access to information, loss or alteration of data occurring as a result of the false legitimation of a third party presented to the User if the circumstances can be judged that person is the Customer.

7.10. ТROPICANA.SHOP does not guarantee that access to the online store will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, and error-free as far as it is beyond its capabilities and control. ТROPICANA.SHOP is not responsible for not providing access to the e-shop as well as for the non-processing or the inappropriate processing of the purchase requests, in the event of circumstances outside its control - cases of force majeure, incidental events, problems in the global Internet network and the provision of services beyond its control.

7.11. When using the Services subject to these Terms and Conditions, the User has access to a variety of content and resources that are subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights of ТROPICANA.SHOP, to other Customers or third parties. The Customer has access to the content for personal use in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and is not entitled to use, record, store, reproduce, modify, adapt or publicly distribute intellectual property objects that have been made available to him when using the electronic shop. The Customer is not entitled to remove the trademark and other trademark rights of any other intellectual property right from the materials available to him, regardless of whether the holder of the respective rights is ТROPICANA.SHOP or a third party. For copyright infringements, those responsible are responsible under applicable law.

7.12. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User declares that the use of the site will be entirely at his risk and liability. ТROPICANA.SHOP is not responsible for any damages caused to the Customer in the use of the provided Services.


(a) the occurrence of unintended health effects resulting from the use of the products;
(b) for the purposes and activities of the Customer in connection with the use of the sites, and is not responsible for the damages resulting from other Customer’s access to or utilization of content provided by the Customer or made available through the sites. 

(c) the availability and quality of goods and the content of services brought to the attention of the Customer by publishing the websites of electronic links, advertising banners and messages for the sale of goods and the provision of services by third parties and / or by attaching them to the text of commercial communications, sent to him at the address of an electronic mailbox specified by him at his registration or a requested or subscribed newsletter. Insofar as the actions of these third parties are not under the control of ТROPICANA.SHOP, it is also not responsible for the unlawful nature of the activity of the third parties or for the occurrence, guaranteeing, enforcing, modifying and terminating commitments and commitments in relation to the goods and services offered by third parties, and shall not be liable for damages and lost profits arising from such relationships.

(d) the failure to provide access to the sites as a result of ТROPICANA.SHOP tests to verify equipment, links, networks, and other tests aimed at improving or optimizing the sites. In such cases, ТROPICANA.SHOP informs the Customer in advance of the possible temporary suspension of access, respectively of the poor quality of access.

(e) to the Customer and third parties for damages and lost profits arising from the termination, suspension, modification or limitation of access to the Sites and / or the deletion, return, non-receipt, modification, loss, inaccuracy, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages, materials or information used, recorded, or made available through sites.

(f)  for damages caused to the Software, hardware or equipment of the Customer or for the loss of data arising from materials or resources searched, loaded, or used in any way through the Sites. 

(g)  shall not owe compensation to a person whose personal data are used by another person for the use of the sites, whether or not he has given consent.

In any case, civil liability is limited to foreseeable and direct damage at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

The Customers of the site may not distribute, modify, copy (except for non-commercial, private purposes), transmit, display, reproduce, reproduce, publish, create secondary materials, transfer, sell or otherwise use content of the site without the express written permission of


- not violate and respect the rights and freedoms of citizens, according to the applicable international instruments, the rules of morality, the good morals and the Internet ethics when using the provided Services;
- not to violate foreign proprietary or non-material, absolute or relative rights and interests, such as property rights, intellectual property rights, etc.

- promptly notify and the relevant authorities of any case of an infringement committed or discovered using the Services provided;
- not to commit malicious actions.


The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR) available at We are not required or willing to participate in dispute settlement procedures before a Dispute Settlement Body. The parties have the right to refer all disputes concerning the implementation of this contract to alternative dispute resolution or online dispute resolution (ADR).The APC / OPC procedures may take a different form: e.g. arbitration, mediation, ombudsman, conciliation commissions, including conciliation committees on payment disputes, complaint boards in accordance with Directive 2013/11 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on alternative dispute resolution disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC. 

With a view to updating and improving the goods, ТROPICANA.SHOP reserves the right to unilaterally change the parameters and characteristics of the goods offered, as well as to a corresponding change in the present general terms and conditions, for which it undertakes to inform its customers by publishing information on the website ТROPICANA.SHOP.

The products on the website of the website do not constitute a legally binding offer but rather are a demonstration online catalog describing the ТROPICANA.SHOP product line.